Board Meeting February 13 


Saint Paul Garden Club

Board Meeting Agenda

Wednesday, February 13, 2019

Hosted by Marge Hols


Welcome and Call to Order – Marge Hols


President’s Report

--GCA Second Century Campaign/ GCA Bulletin, Winter Issue

--GCA Founders Fund Vote at Feb. 20 meeting

--Delegates to GCA Annual Meeting May 17-19, Boston


Recording Secretary – Tracy Stutz

Vote to approve Dec. 12, 2018 Board Minutes, prepared by Tracy Stutz


Corresponding Secretary – Theresa Lydon

--Vote to approve/accept the resignation of Ingrid Conant as a Nonresident Member of SPGC

--Vote to approve resignation of Karen Winter as a Supporting member of SPGC


Allocations Committee – Presentation and Vote on 2019 Community Fund Grants - Christine Umhoefer and Kim Ozzello


Nominations - SPGC Member Interest Survey – Sarah Meek


Tea Dance:

-- 2018 Report & Financials – Becky Diekmann, Penny Rendall, Cindy Gehrig

-- 2019 Co-chairs


Flower Show – Judy MacManus and Janelle Rasmussen

--Photography Registration Feb. 24-March 24 & Spring Workshop – JoAnne Wahlstrom

--Botanical Painting Class, Feb. 26, 27, 28 (Full?) – Tracy Stutz and Teresa Moe

--Herbarium Specimens Workshop, April 24, UofM

2021 Zone XI Meeting Update – Sarah Meek