Executive Committee

President: Christine Umhoefer

First Vice President: Deb Venker

Second Vice President: Betsy Cobb

Treasurer: KrisJohnston

    Assistant Treasurers: Laura Marty, Betsy Cobb, Theresa Lydon
Recording Secretary: Rojean Rada

    Assistant Recording Secretary: Mary Cullen

Corresponding Secretary: Theresa Lydon
    Assistant Corresponding Secretary: Joan Palm

Past President: Marge Hols

Chairs of Committees and Special Positions

Note: Assistant chairs are not members of the Board, but an assistant may stand in for a chair who is unable to attend a board meeting.


Ad Hoc Endowment Fund Feasibility: Anne Ferrell
Ad Hoc Ways & Means: Kim Ozzello & Penny Rendall Allocations: Betsy Cobb
Benefit/Tea Dance: Betsy Martin & Teresa Moe

Blooming Saint Paul: Nancy Wagner

    Assistant: Andrea McCue

Botanical Arts: Dana Boyle

    Assistant: Robyn Wefel Communications:

Mickey Neher

    Assistant: Karen Wick

    Website: Sarah MacRunnels

Conservation/NAL: Dana Boyle

    Assistant: Mary Cullen

Floral Design: Sheila McCarr

    Assistant: Becky Diekmann

Flower Show: Janelle Rasmussen  

Governance: Marge Hols

Historian: Nancy Apfelbacher

Horticulture Chair: Sandy Law

Assistant: Angela Koebler

Long-range Planning: Deb Venker

Membership & Orientation: Ellie Bruner

    Assistants: Karen Neset & Brenda Hoffman

Minn. State Horticulture Society: Judy MacManus

    Assistant: Kathy Bourne

Nominations Chair: Marge Hols

Photography: Nancy Apfelbacher

    Assistant: Mickey Neher

Programs 2020-21: Angel Crandall

Programs 2021-22: Lisa Philander

Programs 2022-23: Catherine Nicholson

Rice Park Chair: Gretchen Cudak

Co-chairs: Kris Johnston, Kris Rose, Robyn Wefel
Zone XI 2021 Meeting Co-chairs: Sarah Meek, Mary Parenteau, Rita Parenteau & G.G. Williams

The Garden Club of America (GCA) Committees

Club Administrator: Marla Ordway
Garden History & Design Chair: Tracy Stutz

Assistant: Anne Ferrell
Medals & Awards Co-chairs: Lou Schatz & Teresa Moe

Visiting Gardens Chair: Mary Gilbertson

Saint Paul Garden Club Members in GCA Roles

Zone XI Committee Representatives

Lou Schatz, Judging Committee

GCA Judges

Priscilla Brewster, Judge Emeritus

Carol Kolb, Judge Emeritus

Catherine Nicholson, Prospective

Lou Schatz, Judge
JoAnne Wahlstrom, Prospective


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